Tree frog at the Barn


False Rue Wildflower at the creekrue


Mole Salamandermole-salmander


Luna moth




House toad


purple mist flower

golden bugs


This is the Eastern Rat Snake, a.k.a. Chicken Snake.  We lost 5 chicks last night, as he slithered into the brooding house for dinner.  You have to secure the place tight.  We will put hard wire down along the foundation, and hopefully that will keep him out.

You can hear two Screeh Owls calling to each other; one near and the the other far. You have to listen closely to hear the one far off, as King Rooster is crowing also.  Then, a Great Horned Owl calls towards the end of tape, but is difficult to hear because the dogs start barking.  Just another early morning at the farm.

You can click on image for a close view.

our State Flower Goldenrod


Elk Run Sunflower   Thoroughwort   Lobelia   Yellow Ironweed

Cuckoo in the distance calls to King the Rooster

Elk Run Creek flows through our bottoms.

This time of year, August, there are only two frog ponds left.

We laid out one evening to see the perseids (not), but heard this guys and his family, KatyDidKatyDidn’t.

We also heard two Great Horned Owls calling to each other on the nearby fence row!  Now that is wild!

Butterfly Milkweed is widespread

Fritillary on the Swamp Milkweed down at the creek on August 1st.

I love this flower!  Here are many a close up photo, thanks to David.



This purple wildflower, heal all or self heal is prolific on the farm.

Rose Pinks on the southeast side of old pond

Ever seen a Bumble Bee nest?  This one was built inside a mouse house in the outhouse (that was a mouth full) in early spring.  We took it out one day during spring cleaning, and then put it under a wood mask that was hanging in there, and the nest bore it’s young.  Unfortunately, the young fell out of the nest on their maiden voyage into the bucket of wood ash.  I happened along, and I see them in there and the mother bumble bee trying to lift them out of the caustic wood ash.  So I helped her along and lifted them out and put them out in the open to air off, hopefully.  Mother Bumble Bee was not agressive at all.  In fact she flew in fright when I reached for the young.

Thimbleweed seen July 14th along creek

Bee Balm is everywhere in July

This nice patch of vervain was down by the creek the first of July.

The hummingbird moth was all over it.

Buttercup in the creek ~ May 16th

Stonecrop was all along the creek with the flooding this spring.


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  1. Very interesting site. Great pictures. I am a Nature lover myself. I was taught by my Dad about plants + trees + birds as we went mushroom hunting in the woods. Thanks for the “tour”.

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