Spring Frolic


 Major and Minor like the cold and snow


Major and Minor on duty


 Big Guys Posing

The hounds of love, running up that hill!


Minor chewing his bone

Rabbit Hunting on Deer Ridge

Dogs frolic on the hill after our walk.  I, on the other hand, am winded.  How do they do it?


The dogs know how to keep cool in the Dog Days of Summer!

Moon Dogs

Great Pyrenees guard dogs, Major and Minor Miller

Major is on right and Minor on the left.  I know, Minor is bigger than Major, but he was the runt when they were puppies.  So now that he has grown bigger, their full names are Canis Major and Ursa Minor.

I have lots of photos of the dogs.  I could probably do a whole blog on them.

I guess I need to link fliker.  Here are a few more till I work that out.


This is Minor, Best of Show.  He is a pretty boy, very smart and a bit stubborn.


Major is not as pretty or as smart, but very loving.  He likes to chew bones.

sleeping-dogsThey are nocturnal


This is Major’s and Minor’s puppy picture, taken the day we brought them home.  I had long wanted a Great Pyrenees because they were so cute, and I like big dogs.  I read a lot about them and they seemed like a good dog for me.  I thought it may be difficult or expensive to find one.  However, when we moved to the country, they were everywhere.  Why is that?  Because they are such good guard dogs, all the farmers have them.  So I answered an add in the CJ paper for a litter in Nelson Co.  I visited the farm and it seemed a perfect fit, beause they were guarding chickens at this farm, which is what I needed them for.  I was afraid the dogs might be frustrated, wanting to guard goats or sheep.  But this fear was unfounded.  They will guard whatever you raise them with, and their first 10 weeks, they were with chickens.  The owner said he had not lost one chicken since he started using the Great Pyr.  He had two left out of a litter of 10.  There they sat together, shoulder to shoulder, and I was supposed to pick one.  I couldn’t.  He made me a deal and I brought both home.  They still go and do everything together.  They are a pair.


10 responses to “Dogs

  1. Their biggest fan

    I would like to see more photos of M&M!

  2. Love your doggies

  3. Hi Marcia – these are the best dogs. When Rowan died I said to myself, now you are not going to find another dog as good as Rowan. But I did. Both are great dogs. Well suited for the farm as well. They bark at night, being guard dogs, and in the city this was annoying. But out here it means the wildlife are not coming to house tonight to eat all your sunflowers, and the bark is comforting.

  4. You Dog Fans need to come visit the beast before they are all grown up. I had to cut their hair last weekend because it was full of matts and cockaburs. Uncle Bill was right, he said they would be full of cockaburs. No longer best of show.

  5. Beautiful, noble dogs! Such sweet faces.

  6. Their sweet face is what caught my attention. When I was in college, a house near campus had a Great Pyrenees puppy mill in their backyard. Almost everyday, I would see these sweet faces through the fence and I said to myself, that is the dog I want. Twenty five years later, I finally have one, or two.

  7. Aren’t you glad you got them both? They look so happy together. I’ll bet they’re happier with their summer haircuts too.

  8. Two dogs, outdoors, is the way to go. They always have each other and are never lonely even when we are gone for the weekend. I just need to remember to cut their hair before the stick tights and burdocks bloom next year.

  9. Their biggest fan

    Thanks for more photos of my sweet doggies.

  10. Their biggest fan

    One of Minor’s puppy photos is in running to appear in Courier Journal photo book. You can vote for him on it on their web site

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