We raised 25 barred rock cockerels in the Fall of 2009


King and his hens

spring-chickensSPRING CHICKENS

Chickens in the snowchicken-in-snow



Halloween Chickens

Curious chickens


Chicken Little

Broody and Chick go for a walk

 Broody and Chick go for a walk

Broody protects her chick, the only egg that hatched because hens are not bred to sit on the nest.  Only 1 in 100, and we named her Broody.

Chicks on the Roost 9/26/08

Chicks are growing fast.

chicks are growing their feathers and tails

This one was looking to get out the door where I was standing.

Baby Chicks on You Tube                      Miller   8/30/08

New Hampshire Red Chickens

We have 6 hens and 1 rooster, King.  They keep us in eggs, and I trade the extra for chicken feed.  Next year we may try and hatch our own.


3 responses to “Chickens

  1. Hey Nancy! Great website! I had fun reading about your trails and tribulations! Beautiful pics too!

  2. Sidney suggest I help her Mom, Mary, with her chickens. (Posted in About Page). Meaning, Mary has lost many a flock to varmets. Actually, we lost our first flock of chickens to a Mink. You can tell it is a Mink, because they only bite and drink the blood. They leave behind an anemic chicken carcus with hardly a scrath on it. Had a Hawk, Coon or Coyote gotten in the coop, it would be a much bigger mess or the carcus gone. You hear people say the Weasel does this, but we looked the varmets up in the field guide, and the Weasel does not do this, but the Mink does. Whichever varmet it was, the secret to a varmet free chicken coop is….the Great Pyrennes. See the Dog Page.

  3. Hi Nancy Love visiting with you on your website. You’ve got a great place. Imiss not having Kale this year. My fault didn’t plant it. Our garden has gotten EXTREMEly small just down to various tomatoes this year and a few peppers and oh yeah squash (yellow and zuchinni) but it did so poorly I’d forgotten about it
    Also love the puppy dogs :). Later, Cuz Brenda

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