Buzzard’s Nest at Buzzard Roost

Adult buzzards return to yard and conduct their mating dance in the black locust trees.

They lay their eggs directly on the ground in a private location in the barn. 

Eventually we fashion them a back stall with a door for them, and they used it.

Mom guards the eggs

Dad guards the door

Finally the eggs hatch. 


Even buzzard chicks are cute

Babys buzzards hang out in the nest for the first couple on months



Then they begin exploring the barn, climbing up on the tractor

They find the roof when ready to fly

Buzzards fledge after four months

Buzzards were observed nesting in our barn between 2001-2005.  No telling how long they had been there.  The place had been abandon some time.  We moved  permanently in 2005, and this is when we got most of the photographs.  The Buzzards returned in 2006, and laid their eggs, but one never hatched and the other was sickly.  Perhaps he caught a virus from our chickens?  He died, and the buzzard clan had a funeral.

Buzzard Wake

Today the barnyard is a buzzard no fly zone compliments of our new dogs. 

Turkey buzzards still nest in our tobacco barn down in the bottomland.

I am not sure where the black buzzards nest now.  They are still around, I see them in their tree.










2 responses to “Buzzards

  1. Stephanie McCullough

    This may sound strange, but I am so intrigued by buzzards. I live in Zolfo Springs, Florida and during the winter months these odd looking birds are everywhere…What is that about??!! Anyway, great pics and info!!

  2. Birds come and go around here. Sometimes, like fall, we have hundreds and in Winter, not so many. I believe some may migrate south during the winter, especially from their nothern habitat. The Black Buzzard was once just a southern bird, but began moving into the nothern states.

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