wren cardinal left

Felted Birds

walnut-head-couplewalnut head couple


walnut head faerie


pine cone faerie


pine cone faerie


tree faerie

grapevine-fairyFaerie with Grapevine arms

Approach paintings hung in my studio

quiltQuilted Wall Hanging for Buzzard Roost made by David’s Mom, Phyllis Miller, award winning quilter.


More quilts, Phyllis’ crazy quilt and Grandma Miller’s Dutch Girl


Moon Dance painting by Dan Dutton and Cages by Nancy Miller

            angel-cage    deer-cage

Angel Cage                               Deer Cage


Grandma’s Barn in Somerset

Circle of the Farm’s Wildlife

Art of our Ancestors

 Great Grandma Curtis birdhouses, Great Grandma Dutton’s hook rug of turkey buzzards, Dad Potoczak’s painting of ducks and his carving of a duck deco, and Great Grandpa Curtis wood box (on the left).


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