Tears of JOY

This is a farm blog not a political blog, but I am so happy to see us evolve as a nation in the pursuit of civil right for all Americans, I have to shout out !!!  Like many I am crying tears of joy today.

Tears for Obama

The battle is not over.  Gay and Lesbian American are forbidden equality and the right to marry ???  Come on people, civil rights for all!!!American Indians have never been given an apology for the genocide. Apologize

Keep on Keeping on


3 responses to “Tears of JOY

  1. Thanks for reminding us to keep on, Nancy! You’re an inspiration!

  2. One step at a time…we’ll get there…I feel the time is right, or at least better. In some ways I feel like I did in 1976 when we elected Carter expecting the same things, alternative energy and health care. Hopefully those who think such things are socialist and supressed it in the market, have finally realized the truth.

  3. This website is fun. You can go around the world and be with crowds cheering after the countdown to Obama’s win. http://countdowntovictory.blogspot.com/

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